Rude– or not?

So, I’ve been leading the study in the women’s Sunday school class this month.

It’s been really good to see things from “the other side” for a while. I’ve “improved” (matured?) each week, this week’s victory being pulling back to the study/lesson plan rather than offering my good example to the off-topic point someone else brought up.

What’s on my mind now is being “rebuked” this morning by someone who apparently thought I was out of line.

As we were on that section of James that includes the mention of “confessing our faults” to one another, I was searching my heart and conduct, trying to decide if she were justified, and whether I needed to apologize to someone.

My conclusion was double-sided and frames my quandary.

As the teacher, I feel what I said was appropriate and did its purpose of clarifying a concern– of streamlining and focusing a speaker searching for words.

But, if I was not seen as the teacher by this (other) woman, it could have sounded like impatience or interrupting on my part (which is what she seemed to be scolding me for).

In the end, my conscience is clear, but desiring to nurture peace, or have things go differently in the future, I’m not sure if there is something more I should do.

Still praying for wisdom on that.

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