My “Eventually” To-dos

Now, to be honest, I already have a “someday” list, but I was looking at a post of Ann’s and (as I sometimes just feel like making lists) I wanted to follow her example and make a list of somedays that were based more on the challenge of doing them than the challenge of growing the skills (the list referenced above).

Here’s my first attempt.

  1. Learn to ride a tandem bicycle
  2. Do an overnight hiking/camping trip (ideally 2-way, maybe a couple days out and back)
  3. Adopt another Grandma (eventually)
  4. Perform at an open-mic night at a local coffee shop (stories or music)
  5. Create a storytelling curriculum–or the start of one– that teaches storytelling like children these days are taught essay-writing (as The Horse and His Boy puts it).
  6. Find (and fill) a female role in a musical that both has a good solo(s) and doesn’t end up kissing anyone. (Men have so many more options than woman within these parameters.)
  7. Finish writing a novel
  8. Publish a novel
  9. Write a song
  10. Climb a tree as high as I can go (more than one kind of tree).

5 thoughts on “My “Eventually” To-dos

  1. I love your list! I like the storytelling theme, too, of the potential open-mic + the curricula + your own storytelling via the novel.

    Now I guess I ought to act on one of my risks, wouldn’t you say? I thought I might borrow my neighbor’s in-line skates and see how it goes…

  2. If you find that female role in a play, tell me about it and I’ll try to audition. It’s a pity the Wicked Witch of the West never sings anything. I’ll have to keep looking!

  3. Well… to be honest I’ve found a couple. There’s Anna in the King and I, Eliza in My Fair Lady, and Blanche Ingrim (one very high solo) in Jane Eyre.

    Not being sold to the theatre (some community directors seem to like rewarding loyalty, so you have to “work up to” big roles), I shouldn’t expect to be given as leading a role as Anna or Eliza, but either would be fun.

    I’d live to sing Jane’s part (in Jane Eyre) but being half the romantic couple it would take a very unique director to keep the interaction chaste (Possible, though, I’d argue, as it’s set in a much less PDA-intense era).

    Anybody else have any ideas?

  4. Let us know when you check items off of your list! Sounds like a great plan.

    (PS–I forgot to comment on your latest layout. Looks great!)

  5. Hi and thanks for visiting Small Reflections & introducing yourself. It’s nice to meet another “storyteller” out there. The older I get, the more I believe in the importance of sharing stories … and it seems like you & I have that in common. I appreciate you leaving the link here and I’ve added your Blog to my Google Reader to stay connected. I’m fairly new to Blogging (started in late October) and try to post something on each of my two blogs daily. Right now I’m learning the ropes … experimenting with a variety of things to learn new skills … and, of course, visiting others in the “virtual world” to discover what they’re doing. It helps to be “happily retired” with lots of free time.
    Hugs and blessings,

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