Revealing story?

I was at a baby shower this morning, and the new little guy is already trying to lift his head. Everyone was exclaiming over this persistent, tiny baby (less-than 6 lbs!), and it made me think of a story from when Abby (my sister’s first-born) was new.

Abby was starting to push up off of my sister’s chest, and my mom and sister were both cooing over how “smart” Abby was. This struck me as odd, and I said, “That’s not smart.

I was meaning to say it showed her strength, not her genius, but never got the chance. I had roused two mama-bears and had to take my tongue-lashing.

When I told the story, the mother of a friend just laughed and laughed. “That is so Amy!” she said. I asked her later what she meant (one interpretation I got was my knack for unintentionally offending people). She said it was just like me to make that sort of distinction with words, that she never would have thought of it, herself.

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