Random Randomness

What’s on my mind:

  • A summary of Barbara Nicolosi’s talk about art and artists.
  • A delicious first-person account of the 14-year-old French girl who literally held the fort, despite the cowardice of the men whose job it truly was.
  • A post of links providing all the elements of an authentic fairy party (of the little-girl variety)
  • The most coherent discussion of branding I have yet found
  • I’m wondering if an AlphaSmart NEO 2 would be a useful (and/or used) tool for my writing.
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One thought on “Random Randomness

  1. After musing a bit, I’ll guess the AlphaSmart isn’t the best tool at present. It is best by all accounts for the first-draft stage, but I won’t be back there till I’m done revising this one, so we’re looking at… a while anyway.

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