Getting Ever Closer!

Ahhh!  There’s something so *fresh* about creating whole new scenes.

Put up another 1500 words tonight.  Finished another “pink” section.


In case anybody cares, I came up with a new color system before I left Bermuda.  It was there I had another “reorganization” that caused me to shuffle around a bunch of my second half and necessitated creating a half a dozen new scenes.  Creating place-holders, that is.  Scenes that still needed to be written to complete the story properly.

I have the scenes numbered and titled (some with self-amusing or inside-joke sorts of titles) in Excel:

  • The stuff I got done (updated the Version-3.1 storyline) is coded light yellow.
    • Old Friends and… Others
    • Unwilling Rescue
    • The Fitting
    • Awakening
  • The stuff I haven’t yet updated is light green.
    • Second Tokens
    • The Next Battle
  • The scenes that still need to be written are vivid pink.
    • Discovered

It is exciting to watch the overview change to a solid block of color.

Left to-do (before the whole book is at the same level, and I start the “real” revising/proofreading part):

  • 3 pink
  • 6 green

This might sound like a lot, but that is only 9 out of 29 scenes, which emphasizes I’m 2/3 done.  Or caught up, or however you want to say it.

This time I’m only energized.

The last time, you may recall, I choked as I thought I was nearing the end.  It just didn’t feel *right.*  And it wasn’t right.  This time everything seems to fit together ever better as I go along.

It’s a good thing I don’t believe in jinxes, or I wouldn’t dare be so delighted.

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  1. Hi! Followed your comment over at Gottawrite Girl.

    Great blog! And I just have to say that I love your taste in movies. Stranger than Fiction is one of my all-time favorites.

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