Quick NaNoWriMo Update

Just jumping back to say I’ve passed the half-way mark and am currently sitting at 27,063 words since November 1.

I am now starting to use he 3×5 notes I scrabbled together toward the end of October, and since then,as ideas– even tiny lines– have popped into my head.

Not only do I have enough story to get to 50,000 words, I have enough prompts to get there too.  We are now down to work-hours, and having for various (God-be-praised) reasons less of a “clinical” need to write, I find myself interested in other things in my free time, and find I have to actually make myself sit down and work.

Which, you can see I am again not doing. On my novel, that is.

I am thankful.  Not needing to write (to feel level) means I’m stronger than I was at the beginning of November.  But the finishing is still an important goal for me, too, so I’ll go put a few hundred down now. ;)

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