Distinctly Christian Fiction

This NaNoWriMo novel has been fascinating so far– to me as a writer. Dunno yet about the reader.

It has been an exercise in just-writing and not thinking about an audience. I think as soon as I put a sex-ed classroom scene in, I plucked my chances with a CBA publisher, and when I mocked birth control I drowned any possibility with ABA, but the story’s an exercise, first. I want to put together another book, and this is my effort.

I’ve been funny for the first time ever (a co-WriMoer laughed with me at what I read out loud) and it’s distinctly and emphatically Christian.  (No unbeliever would have laughed, I don’t think, and it was funny without even mocking anything. What a concept.)

Yesterday I wrote a “witnessing” scene and it felt surreal. I practically had flashbacks to my high school days and the helplessness I felt– the unworthiness to emphasize Jesus to another student when my solution hadn’t “fixed” me yet– that I was still imperfect and broken.

The scene did not end in a conversion.

Current word count: 32,722

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