Progress Report

Added ~ 2500 words in the last week.  It took that much to update the last of my (p)reworked scenes.

One of the noveling books I’ve read (probably more than one) emphasized that each character should be multi-purpose.  The doorman should never be just open the door.  He should also be the one who holds some essential clue.


I recently made a connection that catapulted a minor character of this novel into a major character in the next, swishing motivations and appearances all over the map.  So I went back (hand-slap if you have too) and brought the cleaned up portions up to date.

I must say, it was amazing how much faster the clean chapters were to update than they were to clean up in the first place.  Wow.

Anyway, the first 17 scenes are now current with my “3.4” version of the plot.  One particular advantage of flying through these scenes was feeling the overall tone of the piece and knowing (*quite* clearly) which chapters were out of sync.

Two out of 17 doesn’t seem so threatening; and noticing those two indicates that I actually have some measure of cohesion in the rest of it.  Very encouraging.

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