Deathbed Conversion

I think that accepting Christ “at the last minute” isn’t a whole lot different than going to see someone because they are close to dying.

Sure it can be a little embarrassing when you think the effort someone had to go to get your attention (Really dear, you could just have invited me.  We’d have worked something out…), but I can either ignore the issue–

Perhaps out of a mis-guided effort to show that my previous M.O. was so justifiable that there’s no reason to change, even now.

Or I can rearrange my current behavior to better use the little time that remains.

As humbling as it is, this is all that remains, and I would rather do the little I can do now than to know latter I did less than I could have.

~ ~ ~

I wrote that down before dashing off to Anchorage three weeks ago.  This morning I got the call that said my Uncle’s body had given up on this world.  I am so thankful my children and I had that last opertunity to visit with him and cement pleasent memories of him in their young minds.

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