Talking About Touching

Have you talked to your little children about who’s allowed to take their clothes off? About who’s allowed to touch them? And how?

It’s uncomfortable to think about, but not-talking about it is the wrong choice.

Pray about what you will say, and (if you haven’t had this talk yet) look for an opportunity this week.

Our methods so far:

  • Put everyone in a modest swimsuit and remind kids the parts covered up are the parts no one else should touch (diaper-changes and doctor visits can be mentioned as exceptions).
  • We don’t make the kids give hello hugs or good-bye kisses if they don’t feel like it– we want them to know a No to touch should be respected.
  • We’ve talked about the difference between certain toys our girls have to share, and those they don’t unless they want to (They each have their own special beanie-bear, for example, that they can choose never to share).
    • From this context we talk about not having to share what is most special to us. Not having to share what is our very own. Our bodies fall into this category.

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A good resource on a related note is the Family Watchdog site.

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A formal, “heavy,” talk is not frequently the best choice. Generally with small children a short simple line, repeated in a positive way, will prove the most effective.

Pray about what you want your child(ren) to internalize and plan for it purposefully. (This is a good way to approach prayer and bible memorization for/with your kids too).

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7 thoughts on “Talking About Touching

  1. you are so right in bringing this out! most parents shutter to think of what can happen and yet do nothing to prepare their child to prevent it. great job!

  2. Great point! It is something that parents should always be prepared for. Unfortunately, too many parents think it won’t happen to them. Thanks for stepping out on this topic.

  3. I would have never thought about the swimsuit…great idea! I have already discussed this with my oldest daughter, but really need to use your method for my two toddlers – it would simplify things greatly. Thanks for sharing on such an important topic!

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