A “Mom-Song”

I don’t know who wrote this. I first heard it on my sister’s tape, Dreamer: What Really Happened to Joseph

The sentiments of each line are not equally true for me each time I sing it (I’ve taken to skipping the “trying by myself” line, since I try hard not to), but over-all the lyrics and the tone (and my long association with it) make it a good piece for the middle of the night.

And for those times of a baby’s inconsolable tears.

Everything I Need
Lord I need you to be all the gentleness in me.
I’ve been trying by myself, struggling all alone.
From the very start I knew that I must depend on you.
Here I am, “depending on,” the rest is up to you.

You’re everything I need for You to be.
You’re everything that shines inside of me.
*And I will have the strength to do
All you ask of me.
I will always let you be
Everything I need for you to be.

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7 thoughts on “A “Mom-Song”

  1. This musical was one of my favorites to listen to while growing up. It was produced by Cam Floria in 1983 and the songs were written by various Christian artists such as Cam Floria, Michael & Stormie Omartian, Scott Wesley Brown and others. My cassette tape is getting quite old so now I am in the process of finding out if it was ever made into a CD.

  2. I just discovered that this musical was presented by the Continental Singers and you can purchase an updated CD. Their website, http://www.continentalsingers.com, has a lot of musical scores to purchase that they have done over the years and are currently doing. I hope this helps anyone who has been looking for this music.

  3. i love that song!! i was going thru the web, looking for the lyrics of that song, and i found your site! :) i’m glad!!!!! i lost my tape which has that song in it..

    “You are the One who put the stars up in the sky
    To brighten the emptiness of space
    And You put a light in me today
    A dream that will not die away
    To brighten every day
    And I know that i can say…”

    You’re everything I need…


  4. iii was just singing that song in my mind and i recalled that this was played when joseph confronted his brothers for the first time after he was dumped or left behind. it made me teary eeyed recalling what joseph had told his brothers, and the song really touched my heart. it was perfect for me… it expressed my helplessness and need for the grace of god in my life.

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