Note to self re: Pens

I know I am not the only writer with this issue, but every now and again I get an itch to buy a pen.

Doubtless this is our version of geek-/nerdness (take your pick.  I know the distiction is more important to some).

I have spent tooooo much time at Office Max, taking advantage of some patient clerk allowing me to try out any number of pens.

For future attacks– if I ever run out of what I bought today– I need to remember that the way to deal with this is to go down to Value Village and buy one of their 99-cent bags of pens.

I bought two today and have 17 new implements (not counting what I gave to my kids and DH) with 4 or 5 tips, and I am looking forward to my hand-work today.  Plan to finish the sequencing on the fanale I began here.

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