Busy Christmas

Jay was sick, and slept most of the afternoon, but he got the bed put together yesterday so I was able to do the rest.

We are finished with our new arrangement, and tomorrow I hope to have my writing area set up.  And actually in use, too.

I’m excited, and trying not to get psyched out.

In the process of moving all my furniture (and emptying shelves before I could) I was reminded about the projects and books I have collected over the years.  Reminded once again that I could probably entertain myself with any collection of activities I delight in– without spending any money for at least a year.

Then I’m reminded that it is also the process and finding of the “treasure hunt” that I find so engaging.  I wonder how to reprogram myself to think first of what I have

(I’ll take suggestions here.)

4 thoughts on “Busy Christmas

  1. I got nothing for you. It’s all about the joy of searching and finding.

    Did you get anything good this year? I was really surprised by my gifts. I wasn’t expecting much. I cut back on spending. I took advantage of every sale!!

  2. I got my “new” bed/room and the delight of knowing I was *spot* on with my DH and kids’ gifts (I love being right in a good way!).

    Also got the compiled memory books my maternal G-parents filled out before they died. My mom finished typing up the massive projects and had them bound for each of the grandkids. I knew it was somewhere in the works but wasn’t expecting it at all.

    Just amazing. My G-parents (born 1913 and 1918) had an odd mixture of ordinary and novel elements in their lives, and I will readily say that the corner of memories of corners of their stories ;) have colored my fiction. I’m looking forward to reading their stories in their own words.

    DH also got me a unique set of locally-made glass jewelry. The hook-style earrings definitely need backs. Scared the wadding out of me how they flew out of my ears when I ran down the hall. I’m guessing it was the weight of them, but I was so scared I was going to break them I put them away for now.

  3. Re: searching and finding– the only thing that works for me is not-looking.

    I’ve been in something like a pre-diet mode. That is, not glutting myself (I don’t really do that much) but definitely over-consuming. Went shopping today and got the pens and a bag of new books (along with one that is going to be Jay’s b-day present in April), and I’m 98% sure I’m going to self-challenge to not buy for myself.

    Not sure how long– I’m afraid to say all year— but I am curious to see what it’s like. I know at the beginning of last year I felt more fully engaged in the what (and who) I already have since I wasn’t out shopping as much…

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