Need Ideas for Generic Gifts

I’d like to offer “prizes” of sorts to the table hostesses that bring the most new people to the event.

I had initially thought of a gradient of four different awards, based on the number of new people, but all I’ve been able to think of so far are votive candles and potted plants (I am *horrible* at generic gifts.  Maybe because they’re near-meaningless to me?)

So all you random visitors (I think you’re out there– at least, my hit-counter says so) if you can mention your favorite thing to give or get, I’d be grateful.

Smallish things would be the best– this is supposed to be a fund-raiser, so I’m trying to spend as little possible while keeping it “nice.”


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6 thoughts on “Need Ideas for Generic Gifts

  1. What about nice package of cards–generic blank or thank you ones that people could use. I’m always in need of cards.

    Small-ish gift certificates. 5.00 doesn’t sound like much, but to a grocery store or a fun craft type place, that can help a lot–or even a movie theater or video rental place.

    Do you have a dollar store? Sometimes you can find a few little things that you can tie in a bag that are cute.

  2. More on the homemade gifts. . .

    bath salts (make a bunch and then separate into bath-sized packets.)

    homemade, flavored hot cocoa, instant coffee, instant tea (the kids have helped me do this in the past. Very simple. For giveaway-sized containers, put into a jelly-sized canning jar, or maybe buy a bunch of pretty coffee mugs from a thrift store, wash them, and fill them up.) (Email me if you choose this, I’d be happy to share my recipes with you.)

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