Beginning Book Reviews

Since last year’s blog party I’ve been following Teen Lit Review in my Bloglines.

This year’s party I found out I joined a couple months late to know they invite regular contributors.

Since I’m already making a special effort to read a bunch of YA this year, I figured anybody might be welcome to my opinion and checked-in with the coordinators.

They graciously allowed me to join the blog and my first review is now up.

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One thought on “Beginning Book Reviews

  1. In case anyone wonders how I’m managing to be so prolific this week, it’s a combination of two things: I wrote all the giveaway posts ahead of time and just scheduled their arrival, and I getting “sick days” for (I think) the first time in my mothering career, is I’ve been hammering away at my novel these last two days.

    The funny thing about focusing on the novel is that other things– like focusing on books and minor blog-posts– also get kicked up a notch since I need these little mental breaks but don’t want to leave my workstation (and yesterday, at least, my stomach royally objected to motion).

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