My Husband is so Quotable

So over dinner I’m talking with Jay again about my novel content, and observing I need to create more about the brothers on their quest (so we still recognize/trust the hero when he rejoins the heroine at the end of their concurrent storylines), which will make the book even longer than it is.

“That’s okay,” Jay said. “It’ll give the movie something to cut out. You know they never think their job’s done till they’ve cut something.

My jaw dropped.

“You know that’s going on my blog.”

“As soon as it was out of my mouth.”

2 thoughts on “My Husband is so Quotable

  1. That’s classic!

    And someday when the book/movie comes out I’ll be able to tell my friends, “Yes, that’s one of my blogging buddies.”

    It’s almost like being famous yourself… :)

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