I Hate Busy Work

But it’s working….

I finally opened a spreadsheet and did a Y x X of characters and their ages at major events.

This precipitated the necessity of starting a second sheet verifying the dates of said major events, and deciding how the calendar is ordered in this region/age.

April through March, in case you wanted to know.

Before too much longer I’m going to have to figure out some cartography, which will in turn necessitate wraping my mind around the concept of scale– something that heretofore has eluded me horribly in all fantasy contexts (books, games, movies, whatever).

I start out wanting to tell a story, and love how the “fantasy” can just happen (Hey, cool! no research required!). But while I really hate the act of filling in the little squares– connections of age, event, etc., I have to admit it’s been highly useful in rounding out character interactions and even motivations.


Has anyone already written an Excel program for this? It seems eminently doable in such a formula-based program, I just don’t know how.

*Okay.* Vent over. Back to punching numbers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Edited 2/28 to add:

Here’s my second Blogiversary. Just thought I’d mention it, though I think I said everything pertinent in my First Blogiversary post a year ago.

God continues to be faithful, I continue to learn. (And I praise Him for both.)

I think this is
The prettiest world— so long as you don’t mind
a little dying, how could there be a day in your whole life
that doesn’t have its splash of happiness?

8 thoughts on “I Hate Busy Work

  1. Happy Blogiversary! I found you because today is mine, too. But I see you’ve been at it a year longer than I have. You write children’s stories? That’s cool.

  2. Happy Bloggiversary to you! I think that I would struggle getting all the details in. But it makes such a difference when they are there. Good luck!

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