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I’m currently working out a timeline for my characters– what happens when.  Just realized I was “plotting.”



Since I split my story into two simultaneous novels (We’re on round three, if you’re coming in late) I’ve been juggling what happens when, and trying to work out tricky elements like travel times and (Bluah) geography, making sure the groups’ encounters happen within the same calendar.

The idea is that I don’t need to write #2 at the same time, but I sure as heaven need to know what’s happening when or the next novel will be a scramble to fit rather than a natural fit.

Since my new division, the split has settled and whatever part of the story that “comes” to me generally nestles into one or other of the pieces and moves it forward nicely.

My biggest challenge with time (I’m not directly dealing with it yet, but I’ll have to soon) is how to deal with “jumps” in time to skip over the nothing-important-happening bits.  I have several options I’m considering, but haven’t yet decided what fits best.

It’s made me notice how many novels and movies take place in one un-interrupted chunk of time, and look for intelligent transitions.

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