Just saw What a Girl Wants

And I really liked it.

Never saw it before. I’ll have to watch it again with Jay (he comes home tonight) and then I’ll know if I love it or if it was just a sweet diversion to share with my girls while waiting for Daddy to get home.

I think it’s poor arguing to define things by what they’re not, but I like that this movie had no bad behavior from the leads. It also avoided most bad language and portrayed relationships with parents as a valuable part of life.

I liked that much of the music was part of the story (rather than exclusively soundtrack-building), and the father-daughter dance theme was precious.

Some favorite lines:

Father: I’m not explaining this very well, am I?
Daughter (Daphne): No, not really. But I’m having fun watching you try.

Step-mother-to-be: Now Daphne, we don’t want to make a scene now, do we?
Mother: Take your hand off my daughter or you won’t get a scene, you’ll get a Broadway Musical!

5 thoughts on “Just saw What a Girl Wants

  1. I loved that movie the first time I saw it. It’s just such a sweet movie about a girl who wants her dad’s approval. And that’s not a common theme at all. I liked “If you can walk on the beach and have a steady hand, who needs a pedicure?”

  2. I thought it was fun too. Sometimes I find that most movies nowadays are things that I look at and classify as what they aren’t.

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