Is “homemaking” enough or isn’t it? (Pt. 1 of 4)

This post got really long, so I’ll divide it up over the next few days

The Question
Advocates/encouragers of full-time, at-home moms repeatedly emphasize the work these (we) women do is valuable and worthy of their (our, my) talents. That it is enough of a job to be “just” home, without any outside work.

Then why is it not enough ministry to “just” be raising your children in a godly way? Why is “outside” ministry (working in the church, volunteering around town, sharing your talents/ giftings with others) still necessary?

I don’t know the answer.

There are those who say it is enough– though it’s usually emphasized that our responsibility varies depending on what “season” of parenting you’re in.

The idea my “season” in life excuses me, bothers me. Because it implies I’m buried (and therefore excused) now, and will have more time later; that my mode of doing will change as my children are less “demanding.” But the reality is that all three are mostly past that stage (of perpetually time-sucking).

They all play independently (otherwise, how could I clean house, or write?), and are very good for their age at waiting and deferring gratification. Sometimes I think they are advanced for their age, and other times I just enjoy it.

Because of their level(s) of independence, I feel am already at that time to question where is my balance between service and selfishness. (Though I suppose there is room somewhere for self in between those…) The question goes like this: Since I really don’t feel (perpetually) stretched by them now, does that mean I’m doing less now than I could (should)?

(Part 2 of 4)

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