A unique look at some mutt-mixes

From Mutts: America’s Dogs that I mentioned earlier:

  • The Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix: A lab in a Leather Jacket
  • The Golden retriever-setter mix: If it’s Irish or Gordon setter, beware a beauty over brains blend
  • Lab-Australian Sheppard mix: “A young lab is a runaway boxcar and an Aussie outfits the chassis with Boeing engines. This dog has to have something to do…Something. Anything. Repeat often until tired. (Warning: you will tire far sooner than the dog.)”
  • Irish Setter mix: the gorgeous airhead of the dog world.
  • Greyhound-Lab mix: A beautiful creature mentally, physically, and spiritually, unless you’re a squirrel.
  • Beagle-Jack Russell Terrier mix: A beagle on amphetamines. A dog with dreams and the brains to carry them out. Dennis the Menace befriends Bart Simpson. Constant maintenance and supervision required for this model.
  • The Samoyed mix: Like tapioca, a Sammy softens and sweetens the dogs it mixes with.
  • The Akita mix: Hair, you gotta love it. Akitas shed once a year– for 365 days.
  • Border Collie-Australian Shepherd mix: Question: Are you prepared to take on the responsibility of another very intelligent, very demanding child?
  • The Border Collie-Lab: Like traditional concepts of God, he will seem omnipresent
  • German shepherd- golden retriever: Rin Tin Grin
  • Shepherd mix: (shelter speak for the heck if we know) The mutt God keeps remaking if we let dogs be dogs. Everydog. Tends to be very healthy, smart, sweet, adoptable. God can’t be wrong.
  • The Chow Chow-Shar-pei mix: “If you find one present it to your worst enemy…. The Puppy will already be gnawing fingers, like the cute T-Rex infant in Jurassic Park. Two breeds plagued by health and temperament problems…. Don’t take this pup home from the pound.”

And that one I did a poor job remembering two posts ago:

  • The Collie-Golden Retriever mix: “Valley Girl weds Forest Gump. Cotton candy alert. Sugary sweet, fluffy and not too bright, although can function as a lovable family dog who tries very hard.”

As an example of something (else) that made me laugh but is really hard to explain to a 3-year-old:

  • The Bernese Mountain Dog-Golden Retriever mix: “A splendiferous mutt. Big, friendly, sweet. You practically need an insulin shot to own one.”

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