Fighting in Marriage

I was Stumbling around and came across these rules for fighting fair in marriage.

Because of my background, very little on this topic is ever new to me, I’ve been around the material so long it begins to all sound familiar (in the same way that few sermons are very new to me).

I think you music types get this feeling when you’re familiar with a composer.

Anyway, I wanted to highlight it, because I thought the article was well done, and because one thought was wholly new to me:

5. If your spouse says you do, then it’s true
When confronted with an issue, your first response may be to hide behind statements such as, “No I don’t” or “You’re just exaggerating.” When your mate states that you’re doing something irritating, trust him or her. Consciously choose to look past your defensive walls and ask your spouse, “Why does this bother you?” Then listen to what is being said. Try to see his or her point of view, and be willing to change for the good of your marriage.

Just something new for me to think about.

4 thoughts on “Fighting in Marriage

  1. I like that one, too, Amy. I need to remember not to be defensive with my husband when something I do is irritating. I know that it irritates me when my oldest is defensive about something she is doing that I confront her with.

  2. Both my husband and I enjoyed this as well (I told him about the baby signing). I said this is one of those things you know is true but don’t really stop to think about, “Hm, my spouse isn’t making things up!”

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