Jay is one of those people who will usually say nothing negative unless asked his opinion about something he dislikes. Then he’ll be entirely frank.

This (that he dislikes something) has surprised me several times. The latest was this morning.

God seems to have taken the training wheels off (I think I mentioned earlier how smoothly the transition to early-waking was going, and giving God credit for that). All in the same week (the same night, really) E started teething again, is resisting medicine he didn’t before, and his sisters have started night-waking more.

Combine that with one of my (thankfully!) infrequent migraines and *mounting* duties and pressures at work for Jay, and you have a long explanation for why I was up half the night with the Boy. (That’s just one of his nicknames, btw, not an attempt at anonymity ;) )

Anyway, I’ve been thinking for a while of making a more interesting header-image, and had this idea of superimposing my former picture of tangled roots in my current row of books (cool idea, right?). Unfortunately it just made both images look messy.

Then “on a whim” I layered a picture of a Japanese garden with my current header and the match was uncanny– Waterfall over blond rocks matched with the single blond book spine, and the little bridge was in the same place all the books went horizontal. So I played with till I got what you see now. It’s not professional or polished, but it’s fun, so I saved it to ask Jay’s opinion this morning.

“Yeah, it’s nice,” he said. “But I never really liked the books.”


Oh. Well, I wasn’t enamored with them either.

Makes switching to something new pretty easy. :)

But I guess what I forgot to say is I’m still trying to decide if this type of discretion is encouraging or not.

I mean, what is more useful: to have the person whose opinion you value the most to reserve criticism, or for him to tell you what he’s really thinking?

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2 thoughts on “Encouraging?

  1. Being married to one who generally keeps his opinion to himself, I’d say be thankful that you get his opinion. I hate not knowing.

    I like the header, btw!

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