Clearing My Desk

This Works-for-me Wednesday is a bit cluttered, but also offers useful reminders.  But then, I guess there’s no way for piles not to appear cluttered…

I make notes all the time, and periodically clean out the used pages in my notebooks. If I still want to remember what I wrote, it goes in the pile on my desk.

One I found today:

It’s as if we think Jesus included, “Blessed are the uncomfortable, because I’ll feel sorry for them.”

Discomfort is not a prerequisite to godliness, and, unless properly handled, will do nothing to draw us closer to Him.

Another is the start of a list I wrote as Grandma was in the hospital. When the ordeal began I was driven to distraction by my writer’s-mind. By the end I realized there was more I wanted to remember.

  • Smile at sick people.
  • Busy lives can hold back even people who care.
  • Affirm people for (even just) presence, if it’s encouraging.

I suppose any of these four thoughts could feed a whole post, but this is all I want to say for now. I’m sure you may find additional meaning if you wish.

3 thoughts on “Clearing My Desk

  1. “Blessed are the uncomfortable, because I’ll feel sorry for them.”

    That’s great, Amy Jane! You’re so right! Misery loves company, and somehow there’s this tendency to assume that if I’m miserable pity will somehow ease my pain – and surely God feels sorry for me. Because that’s what love is, right? In truth, suffering is a tremendous place for growth, but it all depends on how we cope with it. Great thoughts.

    And how hard it is to remember the things you pointed about about hospital visits and caring for others. Great post.

  2. I do the same thing; periodically clear out old notes and I always end up finding little things that I want to keep. Actually, I find more keepers than throw aways.

    I know what you mean about the award. It isn’t the prettiest one out there is it? But, it’s pretty enough that I’ll take it. lol. Especially considering that I’ll gladly accept any award.

    And also, I love this from your About Me… “Among other things, I desire to show myself content to be at home so my daughters will have the contentment and confidence to be the keepers of their own homes.”

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