“Don’t complain, just adapt.”

“I can’t do that! Suppose they catch me at it!”
“Surely you won’t let them catch you at it? A clever girl like you.”

From The Perilous Gard (a book I recommend without reservation).

This type of exchange drives me mad. I start out with a genuine (legitimate) concern, and someone counters with, Oh, it’s nothing really for *you* to be worried about.

That they are right is really beside the point when one is feeling insecure.


One of the disadvantages of modern femininity is that one is allowed a moment to “vent” as she seeks to do her duty, but it seems she is not allowed a moment of helplessness. This is true even in religious circles where it may be characterized as “lack of faith” or fearfulness.

While both may at the root be true, that doesn’t mean the “offender” has chosen to act in unbelief or fear (as the correction would imply). We are simply reacting, and this shouldn’t be treated as a shocking surprise.

After all, we’re not perfected yet.

4 thoughts on ““Don’t complain, just adapt.”

  1. We are NOT perfected, but we will be. And even when we think we got it all right, something comes up and shows us that we were actually at square one.

    Hang in there, Amy!

  2. Argh! I can’t log into my xanga account but at least I am catching up on other blogs now. :)

    If someone were to say I wouldn’t get caught at something because I am clever, I would question my cleverness especially if I were already concerned about being caught. Someone bringing of the question really oughtn’t to bring it up unless they are willing to go all the way with it. But most people just dismiss concerns with an open-ended question like that.

    And you are right – religion has a version of every secular thought. It’s merely the same statement with the correct lingo thrown in at appropriate places. :)

    I should be careful not to commit these two offenses!

  3. You are very right about not admonishing our husbands for lavishing us. That is something that I’ve been learning since Christmas time. It creates more problems than it solves, I think. And it takes away from their desire to bless us, the person they love most in the world.

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