“Child-like dependence.”

The phrase makes me think of a dependence so utter that it can not even understand its dependency or articulate its need.

This is not the “cute” dependency of a baby or toddler gazing adoringly into your face as you cuddle.

This is the exhausted, hungry, sunburned child who is such an inarticulate puddle of maxed-out emotion and discomfort that she can’t tell you which need is greatest and might even reject overtures of help as attacks on her (albeit insufficient) autonomy.

My poor Melody was this yesterday. Elisha cutting teeth was this most of the night. Natasha well past nap was this today, minus the hungry.

And cross Mother is definitely at that place of inarticulate dependence.

All I can pray is, “It’s a good thing your Spirit prays for me when I don’t have the words, because I’m ‘standing in the need of’ without even the understanding enough to think what it is I should ask for.”

2 thoughts on “Dependence

  1. Interesting thoughts. I like comparing things and I love this idea of dependence. Perhaps we don’t fully understand how dependent we are upon the grace of God, and we have to come to this state in our lives before we can truly come to him.

    I’ll have to ponder this one some more.

    (Not sure where I found you from, but I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs for a week or two now.)

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