Current Life Summary

I just wrote an e-mail to someone I haven’t spoken to in some time. My final paragraph seemed like a great life-summary for just now:

We’re still in our house we bought in 2002, our youngest just turned a year old, and we just acquired a dog.

Anybody who doesn’t know dogs and kids thinks I’m nuts (either about the three kids or the dog, depending which they’re partial to). Me, I just feel blessed. Tired, sometimes, and frequently distracted, yes, but definitely blessed in God’s provision for our family.

God seems to have molded into my character the ability to feel positive and thankful even when I’m too tired to entirely act that way.

He is a very gracious God. I’d rather have this (and know the energy to act will eventually return) than merely be a decent actress and have to constantly redirect my heart.

2 thoughts on “Current Life Summary

  1. You are wonderful mom! Your children will rise up and call you blessed.

    Mine will rise up. Against me, probably.

    Hugs for the week-


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