Cutting and Map-making

Got rid of about 3000 words tonight.

Down to 102,598.  Still shaking my head at the length.

I don’t think we have any *enormous* loss.  Which of course is the point of cutting.

No, I haven’t gotten all my mss back, and no, no one told me to cut these particular scenes, but my [ctrl]+x was ready to cut something and I dismissed them as too “Elrond’s Council,” which I imagine to be hard to sell these days.

Yes, they’re saved somewhere.  I can always put them back if *someone* decided they needed to see more. {shrug}

It just feels nice to cut.

No, not that way.  Not one of my issues.

Total change of subject:

Remember all my grousing about cartography and map-making, and how I had no idea even how to start?

Well now I do!  This article was the perfect introduction (of the concise, to-the-point variety so important to me) to make the process seem quite possible and even reasonable.  Now I just need to quit reading for a little bit and work on it ;)

Joule creamed my left knee on Mother’s Day and I’ve been babying and icing it ever since.  Finished two books since then (both *awesome* consolation for my state), so I could probably take a breather and try mapping for my stillness activity tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Cutting and Map-making

  1. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog (re: Sacred Parenting). I actually think it would make for a GREAT Sunday School book study, and it’s quite possible that Gary Thomas has study guides of some sort on his website (I linked to it in one of my previous entries about another of his books).

    Sacred Parenting is not a how-to parenting book at all, but rather a book that gets at the heart of parenting in a more meditative way.

  2. I like maps too, and my oldest has been fascinated with them since he was about 4 years old. But that’s another story.

    BTW, I had to re-read that a few times, “Not one of my issues.” I get it now. :8

    Personally, I think the cutting words from a story would be one of the hardest things to do. And the idea of myself writing a 100,000-ish word novel just seems like over the moon. (How many pages is that?) Maybe I’ll start with a kid’s book.

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