Default Matters (Reading Notes)

I am in the early chapters of a book called Shadow Syndromes, and currently am fascinated by the concept the authors put forward that they label Noise. In the same way, they say, as all sick people are going to have a baseline of feeling cruddy (tired, confused, unmotivated, general yuck) all brain issues also Continue reading →

Out of Order

One of my shortest scenes involves a magical character speaking with a second character who doesn’t know she has the capacity for magic. And I had to laugh. A: Are you telling me you’ve never learned to walk through walls? B (angry): No. I have it on my list right after learning to fly, so Continue reading →

About Ballooning

When I started preparing for NaNoWriMo the first time I conceived this novel project, I mapped out my expected plot on (virtual) 3×5 cards. Just checked back in the old folder: 153 of those cards.  Thank God I didn’t try to do that with real cards.  I would have gone crazy before I ever started. Continue reading →