My Favorite quilts

I have experimented with a number of different quilting methods and styles, but my favorite is still the Gordian knot quilts.

(If you’re wondering what happened to the dinosaurs, the project was delayed on account of bedbugs- among other things.  The new fabric was in a “potentially contaminated” area and so had to be put out in the cold.)


For what it’s worth, I find definable, sequential projects like these very settling.  I always know what to do next, and they give me a sense of accomplishment.

Something that stays done! Yay!

They are a type of paint-by-number, I suppose, but at least I get to pick my own colors.

These will all grow into the design at the top right.  I set up a sort of assembly-line with all the bits and pieces across my couch:

Yes, those strips and bits take forever to cut (I got all the way through the BBC Jane Eyre and absolutely *killed* my knees, even on a gardener’s pad), but once you’re done, you’re done.

In all fairness, the cutting included pieces for three additional quilts of a different knot.  If I’m still feeling like show-and-tell when I get there I’ll put them up.

So the results of this night’s work (the length of the Masterpiece Theatre Jane Eyre):

You can see what a dramatic difference color makes.  And even these looks are deceptive, because the look continues to change as the knot grows and is set in its “background”.

So… woopie for me.  It’s 2 a.m. and I’ll be crashing now.

Book Work

Here are some pictures of this week’s work. (If you want to see pictures of actual people, those are here)

jan-books-1.jpg jan-books-2.jpg jan-books-3.jpg

That last case with the empty shelf is from the shuffling the girls and I did. I haven’t had an empty space on my own shelves for a long time. If hadn’t already decided not to buy more this year, that might be way too tempting to look at every morning.

Caribou pix (fears about the ANWR herd are a joke)

As in, pictures from family.Next to the Garden

My mother-in-law took these this week. There have been thousands of caribou moving through their property lately.

About to be Overrun

Made me think of two things:

  • This must be what the bison herds were like hundreds of years ago.
  • Anyone who says the oil industry is hard on caribou (*cough* ANWR *cough*) can’t be looking at the caribou near other oil fields.

(Hard on birds is more accurate, but that’s already been ignored for a recent set-up that went unopposed, as far as I know.)

In the Front Yard