Another Flurry of Cutting

Well, I’ve shot my chances of rising early tomorrow, but in a few hours I’ve made a to-do list that tightens my novel and gone from 115,442 words to 101,669.

That’s 54 pages in the Revision #8 cut bits file that I started about 9 p.m. tonight.

My apologies to you dears that are currently reading the longer version.You have my permission to abandon the effort.  Things are changing again.  For the better, I hope.

I’ve been very disciplined in many areas of my life these last several days, and this evening I just lost it: binged on junk food, read a bunch writing/editing blogs and dove into the novel with a knife between my teeth. And my Noveling Pandora station playing. Till Midnight.

My goal is to bring the word count down enough to let me fit a particular prologue with the new opening chapter (a variant of the current chapter 4).  It will most likely necessitate a mirrored postlude, which will need essentially to be crafted from scratch as it is the first-first thing I ever wrote on November 1, 2006.

I’ll probably never dare ask people to read this again, I change so substantially each time, but I know I can’t quit, so on I go.

4 thoughts on “Another Flurry of Cutting

  1. C–
    Give me three months and I’d be happy to.

    I may be done sooner, but all the quick cutting is done. I guess I’m down to the scalpel now.

    This is the result of one of the posts at KidLit (which you referred me to, btw). Specifically the post about revision being more than tweeking words, the need to look at the whole and rework the whole.

    The timing was perfect (having been away from it several months now and newly repassioned to make it the best it can be). I dove in as an experiment and have been pleased so far with the results.

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