2010 Books

Currently Reading: The Princess Adelina (Sutter)

I’ll be trying something different with my mini-reviews this year, putting them in their own posts and tagging them with 2010 Books.  I had too many times last year when I wanted to reference a specific book and found the 2009 books page too big a fish to offer as one bite.

If a book does not incite curiosity or delight
there is no reason outside of requirement to read it.

I’ll not apologize for choosing anything not to finish (though I might offer my reasons).

Also new for 2010 is joining my husband (and our church, for that matter) in working through M’Cheyne’s bible-in-a-year reading plan.  I have never finished one of these, but it feels just a tiny bit like NaNoWriMo to plan/imagine doing something challenging in concert with a herd of people I know and love.

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