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Untangling Tales is about making sense of things. So much of life plain. doesn’t. make. sense. But good stories do. I’ve always considered logic a nice break from the real world. I suppose I’m the type that will take whatever I can get, but even life makes sense sometimes, if you look for it, and Continue reading →

More Doesn’t Keep Being More

In contrast to the popular saying, Money can’t buy happiness there is this study that shows a fairly tight correlation between money and a lot of good things. (Here’s another eye-opening view, if you go in prepared for anger and crass language.) I liked reading about this study when it came out, because I’d always Continue reading →


On one level I think it is a very good thing. How many tragic (powerful, often, but tragic) stories unfold primarily from the foolishness of hubris?  The idea that everything needed is already within.  Including wisdom. How much grief could be avoided by following good advice? One of my favorite lines is the one that Continue reading →