Quite Enough.

Okay, I don’t know if this should make me horribly embarrassed, but I have {gulp} –okay, I’ll say it– six different blogs that I have put on-line.

I have this one, which is something of my “play” site, and Family News, a combination memory-book and update-letter to family. They were going to encompass all I needed to blog for.

Then I also have Blogger and Xanga accounts for commenting on those sites.

Next, last week, in a moment of bravery, I took the suggestion of my Acoustic Guitar magazine and created a “musician” MySpace page. (I’ll not link there, seeing as it’s still very embryonic, and I’m feeling less-brave this morning).

Finally, just a couple days ago, I signed up at Homeschool Blogger. (Snow Fairy is my “other” screen name– sort of a nod to my storytelling and home at the same time.) Also limited to commenting, now.


I’ve decided this is just a very unique season: With Elisha nursing so much I have a lot of “mindless” time to spend reading and doing things on the computer. I do expect I’ll be needing to re-train myself when he is done that this much computer-time is not normal…

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