Wouldn’t This be Cool?

I got this idea reading the paper this morning, called a couple friends to verify it sounded cool to more than me, then cast my line.  Still waiting to see if anyone will bite.

The e-mail I sent (edited, of course):

Dear Ms.  Teacher,

In the paper today you mentioned you were the co-op coordinator for the High School Career Fair this year.

I wanted to suggest the possibility of a “homemaker” booth/presentation (whatever your format is) next year; I know a number of people who could work with me to create a professional and informative setting.

Presenting home-by-choice as a valid option alongside more lucrative careers could have the positive effect of raising appreciation for those parents who choose to focus on their families, rather than entering the workforce.

High school may be a little early for students to show much open interest (we may never know if we don’t try), but it’s not too early to normalize home as a priority.

I hope you’ll consider discussing this with me.
Sincerely, etc.

I haven’t sat down to make any lists of stuff, the idea hasn’t been accepted yet, after all.  But I’ve been doing “this” long enough that I could get it together as soon as was necessary.

Wouldn’t that just be the coolest: Having mothering alongside dozens of other “normal” and “real” jobs?

2 thoughts on “Wouldn’t This be Cool?

  1. That’s absolutely a fabulous idea! I love it. I would love to present something like this in high schools here. I wish someone had told me that “wife” was a valid career choice before I got married…it would have been so much for our marriage if we had planned for me to be a full time wife/homemaker from the beginning.

  2. I just left a comment on “The Walled Garden” about your idea. It sounds VERY interesting, but politically incorrect — expect some flak after you send in your letter. I figure you will get some funny looks and/or
    raised eyebrows at the prospect of setting up a “motherhood booth”. It might not hurt to contact some SAHM orgs to pass out material at your booth, and contact numbers for same.
    Actually, I write for a women’s/mother’s newspaper called Mother Warrior Voice who would be happy to send a few bundles to set up your booth. Just Google the name and you will find their address in Milw. WI.
    They also believe in the right of poor mothers to stay home with their children and they’ve been active for 20 years. They have been featured in “Mothering” magazine a few years back under the article, “The Myth of Welfare Reform”. Good luck!

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