Words for Hire

Untangling Tales exists to help people find just the right words.

I am a word consultant. Words are my gift, and I love to help other people find exactly the ones they’re looking for. I help people describe themselves or make sense of the stories most important to them.  We’ve all got our stories tangled up in our minds and our experience. I help people untangle their tales.

This means I listen, ask questions, pick at knots from different angles, and generally serve your purpose by being a mirror for your awesome uniqueness.

The goal of this work is to leave you with a clear focus and the confidence you are understood.

I offer personalized help to create custom work such as:

  • Announcements (Graduation, engagement, wedding, birth, death)
  • Annual letters (editing or creation) for families or professional purposes
  • Essay prompts or editing (No, I won’t do your school work for you, but I’ll help you get on the right track.)
  • Obituaries and Eulogies
  • Resumes

Standard prices start at $150 per item, Obituaries and Eulogies being the exception.

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