What to do…(when you can’t do everything you love)

I have just finished a two-week Storytelling workshop with Antoinette Botsford.

It was delightful (as always) to spend so much time with people who value– and enjoy exploring– stories. And then I felt like I always do when I finish a chunk of creative work:

Now what?

I feel I have an aptitude for this. Or, if not an aptitude, sufficient training to make up for the lack.

The challenge, always, is deciding what to do with what I’ve learned. Thankfully (perhaps I should say, as usual), a familiar passage from a story played through my head, and seemed to answer that question.

In Jane Eyre, the title character is offered a position that might have appeared to be beneath her accomplishments. But she evaluated what she was being asked to do:

It was not ignoble– not unworthy– not mentally degrading.
“I accept it with with all my heart.”

“What will you do with your accomplishments? What, with the largest portion of your mind– sentiments– tastes?”

“Save them until they are wanted. They will keep.”

Very soon my children will be needing different things from me.

As we begin our transition into schooling I’ve been told that will keep me more from certain pursuits than their youngness did.

I will have to trust that these other things– my stories, my music– will keep.

I imagine the stories, at least, may grow as well, while we wait.

2 thoughts on “What to do…(when you can’t do everything you love)

  1. I received the neatest complement after telling my story this morning.

    One lady I’ve never seen before leaned over to me and said, “That was just beautiful. It made me cry.”

    It makes me think of the line from Anderson’s Nightengale about tears:

    “The first time I sang for you, you gave me the tears from your eyes; and to a poet’s heart, those are jewels.”

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