What is Untangling Tales?

Story as art;
artistry as worship.
Worship, a way of living.

Untangling Tales is meant to be a reference and resource from damp to deep for those who desire to develop skill in the art of Storytelling.

Every Tuesday and Friday I’ll post an article, how-to, folktale or story performance aimed to teach or provoke thought on some aspect of Story performance.

An aside to my faithful readers (and the random visitor who pops back in for kicks):

I’ve been praying about how to focus my ever-expanding (it seems) world, and this is one of the results.

If you have questions or comments I welcome feedback as always. Feel free to leave a comment or drop a line: snow(dot)ffairy (at) gmail (dot) com.

~ ~ ~

For years now I have been benefiting from the generous writers who blog about real, useable stuff, sharing everything from courageous hearts and open kitchens.

So now it’s my turn. I’ve felt pulled to action for months, but unsure how to apply.  Recently a few questions were set on my plate:

What can I do that “most people” don’t?
Where have I been spontaneously complemented or thanked?
What ToDos leave me with more enthusiasm than when I started?
What makes me feel alive and connected to God as if it was created just for me?

(How many of these questions make me cringe and feel as though I’m not allowed to look directly at them?
All of them.)

My answers: writing, language, ideas and Story.

Frequently in the indirect (some people call it sneaky) application of Truth.

Truth used to travel from home to home, begging to be let in. But Truth was fearful to look upon in her nakedness, and no one would allow her to come near.

Truth dressed in a beautiful robe called Story, and all doors opened wide to welcome her in.

So this probably counts as a “relaunch” of Untangling Tales, more story-focused than before, and more others-focused too, my goal.

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