What is it about

“Don’t say ‘Good-bye’.”?

How in the world could that be reassuring?

I’ve seen this in movies and books.  Just tonight I heard it in a song.

I always say good-bye even in small non-threatening events; why would anyone find ignoring a departure comforting?

Just don’t get it.

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3 thoughts on “What is it about

  1. I tend to prefere to say “See you later.” rather than good-bye if I know the person is a Christian; it serves as a reminder that we will be together again eventually, even if not on this earth. For people who are not Christians, I do say good-bye, usually, because I find it rude not to acknowledge the departure.

  2. David– I like that.

    Blue– I’ve heard that line too, but how could *forever* be good? Sounds like the same mentality that insists on the lie, “Love means never having to say, ‘I’m sorry.'”

    I tend to call a cheerful, “Blessings!” which works for anyone– once they get used to me ;)

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