What is a Man?

Okay, so I can’t not-opine.

There is this idea out there that a woman’s brain turns to mush when deprived of adequate adult interaction and stimulation (Read: “You sucker Stay-at-home-moms are gonna go stupid”).
If that is true of some, it isn’t of me.
More often the danger for my brain is explosion.

Writing lets off a bit of the pressure so I don’t say as many un-thought-out things in real-life.

Like yesterday, when I randomly gushed some vague, meaningless mush about how proud I was of a fellow who’s moved out of boyhood and become a man. (My toes curl just thinking about how stupid that had to sound.)

Poor dears didn’t even do anything to deserve it– I just had a few to many thoughts swirling around and the extra escaped in a blur.

(My apologies, M and A, if you’re reading this. Usually my random attacks of thought are much more organized.)

~ ~ ~

So, since it was in my mind enough to spill out, I wanted to see if I could organize these thoughts.

What do I mean by a man? (Again, this is not a thesis, only random thoughts– lest anyone expect too much).

  • A male (let’s start with the basics ;) )
  • Someone who has begun thinking beyond himself
  • Someone who is working at making that style of thought paramount
  • Someone who is using that others-focused thinking to direct his behavior
  • Someone whose decision to benefit someone else is not based on receiving a reward

When we (mostly women, mostly when we were single– I hope) complain about a guy needing to “grow up,” we’re usually talking about one of these (last four) things.

One thought on “What is a Man?

  1. I love the unthought out things that happen to pop out. I find myself cringing frequently at the things that I say. Happy Days to you.

    Your package finally came. Thanks tons.!!!! I haven’t had time to peruse things yet, but I’m very excited. I laughed my head off when I saw your note on the magazine. I’m excited to see what it’s like! Thank you again!

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