What Church do You Go To?!

A snippet from a crazy dream this morning.  I spotted all sorts of references to my past, but will spare you all by jumping to the funny part.

Toward the end, when I’m scrambling to get on the same page (literally) as everyone else in the meeting:

I’m about to curl up under all those condemning eyes (how dare she think she’s worthy to be among us when she can’t even find the same page?!) and beg the person next to me to show me his page or help me locate mine.

He flipped over my set of pages and I recognized the words were a very accurate match, but the format was redone in “landscape” rather than portrait and written in pencil.

While I was still puzzling over this and insisting the meeting could move on, Yes I can follow along now, the leader pulled the papers out of my hand and after looking at them asked, horrified, “What church do you go to?”

And I knew with that dream certainty we all have that someone had to hand-write my packet because we couldn’t afford a printer.

The absurdity struck me even in my dream and I tried to correct him but was laughing too hard to speak.

Can you think of a worse church-volunteer position?  I honestly can’t:

Come quick Mary!  Another e-mail just came in– we need to get a hard copy to the pastor right away!

All of this is even more ridiculous considering we don’t have any kind of church office/equipment or hours anyway.

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