What a Privilege!

As much as needing air and being subject to gravity, or being able to bleed, it seems that one of the inevitable things about being human on this earth is that we all must be stretched.

We all are made uncomfortable in some way that forces us to acknowledge our personal inadequacy for the task at hand. Because I’m a Christian I believe this is so that (ultimately) we may learn the inexhaustible resources that are in Christ.

For some people their trials are actual suffering, for some it is mental anguish, and for some (usually of a particular age) it is less-than-perfect skin. The spectrum of what may “throw” us is enormous. We each have our own burdens to bear.

Just yesterday I was thinking of this, as I (nearly) ignored my children while fighting 1/3 of my house into shape. At this point in my life the challenges I face– the thing that stretches me most– is mothering three young children and maintaining my home. And learning to do those things no matter how I feel.

More than the house (because my gracious husband will understand my “letting it go” for a time) is the always-on of my children, and seeking a balance between meeting their needs and teaching them how to meet their own needs.

When I think (especially this time of year) about believers who are persecuted for their faith, or those with cancer, or of being forced by necessity to live with a job one hates, I find myself so *thankful* that this is the challenge God has chosen for me in this season of my life.

What a privilege to have the greatest challenge in my life be also one of my greatest joys!

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