WFMW– Throw Away Your Lens Cap

When I was a photography major in college (grad in 2002) my Basic Photo teacher pointed out one of the best ways to get more great photos was simply to take more pictures. And the way to get more pix (other than always having your camera with you) is to make it easy: ditch the lens cap.

That extra half-second to be ready can reduce the number of pix you take, the way having to maintain a food journal reduces the amount some people eat. It’s one more step.

My favorite thing now (and the first thing I do after buying a new camera) is to go buy a simple UV filter to screw on the front of the lens. This

  • Provides basic protection (like a regular cap)
  • Is relatively inexpensive (especially compared to the cost of the camera/lens)
  • Has the advantage of being clear, and eliminating the lens-cap lag-time.

Works for me! (More ideas at Rocks in my Dryer)

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9 thoughts on “WFMW– Throw Away Your Lens Cap

  1. Any Camera with a removable lens (sorry, won’t work with a point-and-shoot :-()

    On the lens-cap end there are threads you may screw various types of filters on.

    Filters are like purses to a purse collector– they’re all different, and you need all of them ;-)

    Anyway, you just go to your photog store, know (or bring) the size of your lens in mm and that’s what you get. Screw it on and you’re good to go.

  2. Oh this is great! I had no idea you could replace the lensecap with another protective option. :) I will pass this on to my photographer bro.

    P.S. Yes I hope you don’t think I am crazy — I was fascinated when I saw that post about talking in “spiderwebs”. So it brought me back. :) I also love to write. I wish I had time to blog all my thoughts. Oh, I am a cat person, and dogs are second. That’s because I like a cat to snuggle with, and I like big dogs that are happier running outdoors. I am an animal person actually. I have had pets most of my life until I had children. We don’t have pets at the moment, but the plan is to eventually get a kitten and puppy. :) Probably from the pound or from a friend with an overflowing litter. Are you a dog person?

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