We’re so Cute…

Jay and I were sharing a hug and kiss just inside our room as our girls ran past.

Natasha  (4 years old) stopped in her tracks with a soft, “Awww,” and a wispered, “Come’ere” to her little sister.

We held each other a little longer without looking at them, me silently fighting the giggles, so I’m not sure who made the blissful little sigh before they moved on.

I’ve aways  felt children like to see their parents happy together.   This was a fun reminder.

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3 thoughts on “We’re so Cute…

  1. Ha ha! I had the same reaction as Natasha! But I give her more credit because when I was a kid, I think my brother’s and my reaction were “Ewww!” Tee hee.

  2. What a fun anecdote!

    We want out kids to grow up seeing us affectionate with each other as well.

    One question you don’t often hear addressed by the co-sleeping crowd is, what age do you move your kids out of your room too keep them from rembering too much…affection? :)

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