Wasting Time

My sensible self is rolling its eyes at this evening’s activity, but the rest of me is giddy at how much I got done– on a completely new project.

I started a new blog tonight (yes, yes, I know I have too much time on my hands).

In that my toddler brain can’t stand any idea-food touching, I’ve taken the information-collecting part of my weight-loss (primarily recipe-collecting) to its own space.

I hated the idea that I would be talking about weight-loss forever (I surely hope not!), but I wanted a place to talk about life-style modification/growth, and realized that that is a corner of stuff I talk about here, so I’ll have to decide if I focus on just recipes and life-style stuff over there, and keep this place as it is, or (as the other blog title suggests) I could put my advice and “life hacks” over there too.

It would free this place up to focus more specifically on reading and writing, which would be nice in a way, but I get the impression that my (few) faithful readers actually prefer the mix.

Does anybody want to weigh in on that?

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6 thoughts on “Wasting Time

  1. “Blogs are created for us, not us for the blog.”
    The only reason I feel free to do this is that I don’t feel compelled to keep them all equally active.

    They are an outlet– a resource and way of sharing information– no master I’ll submit to.

    (If you didn’t click through, the title I picked was Untangling Life. I like it a lot, but that should be expected.)

  2. I love the title. I think that when you have exhausted talking about weight loss, you will have many other things to talk about there. I can understand wanting to keep topics separated. I have come to the conclusion that I really won’t be able to combine hospitality with my personal posts, so I am going to have to create two new blogs instead of one.

  3. Untangling Life. . . hmm, sounds familiar! ;)

    I’m feeling quite overwhelmed in many areas of life. There are too many blogs on my reader, and I want to read them ALL!! Here again, they are created for us. . .

    *Sigh!* There’s just not enough hours in a day to do all I’d like to do!

    I do like that blogging is such a personal thing and that you have the ability to do another blog for a different set of interests.

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