Waiting begins

I have now distributed 7 paper copies (with one more to deliver this week) and 2.5 digital manuscripts for review.

This morning I got a phone call from my lone 16-year-old beta, and it was *everything* a hungrily waiting author could want to hear.

She adored the story, “couldn’t put it down.” She could tell me the exact page where she fell in love with my hero. And a couple things that confused her.

So, as I continue to wait for thoughts from my other readers, I have some decisions to make. Primarily, how clear do I want to make certain people.

Tanith and Rickard (for those of you who’ve already read the story) are morally ambiguous characters. They do some really bad stuff. And they do stuff that’s the opposite.  Because most of their character-revealing stuff happens in the part of the story I’m saving for later, I have to decide whether this story is still solid with such confusing characters so close to the center.

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