Update/Confession Time

  • I have a storytelling gig tomorrow afternoon (for Blueberry Baby‘s grand re-opening in their new location) and have not practiced. Really.

(Sorry, Lara– I’ll try to be ready. Jay says I have enough in my back pocket already. We’ll find out, I suppose.)

  • I totally revised my picture book manuscript yesterday.
  • I also went through and found a number a publishers for a second round of multiple submissions
    • My “everything” envelopes (with the cover letter, SASE and Mss.) is just over 1-oz. on my little danglie scale, and I have no un-wasteful way to make postage for that size.
    • So I will be bringing three small children to stand in line at the post office today (hmmm, maybe this will be a chance to practice my stories…)

Ah, yes. Nothing like practicing voices in a postal checkout line to make self-awareness race in laps like a snake inside your gut.

I don’t know how a self-conscious person like me ends up with a singing voice or a story heart.

Right. To stretch me. Whoopie.

Oh! And I’ve got sewing on the brain for the first time in *many* months.

I’m still in the R & D stage, but I may be making some stuffed toys to sell at Blueberry Baby.

I’m still designing the pattern (in my head, so far).

Before I could actually put pen to paper I had to get to a stopping spot in my writing– hence yesterday’s accomplishments.

My goal is to find a design that will be simple enough to be time- and cost- effective while still being a unique and identifiable species.


The kids and I spent a few hours yesterday morning at my cousin-in-law’s place.

She watched the girls while I worked detail-stuff upstairs with Elisha nearby.

Great system I think I’ll be using again. (Hers were the boys I watched that day I was so productive.)

If I can get the house whipped together (enough) this morning, I might try some actual pattern-drafting during nap-time.

I’m excited at the possibilities.

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One thought on “Update/Confession Time

  1. Happy Mother’s Day, lady!

    I thought I was busy, sheesh. Can you post a picture of yourself doing your characters? That would be neat.


    YOU have been tagged, Amyjane. If you wander on over to my blog, you’ll see the instructions.

    Have a lovely weekend!

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