Um, about that early-rising thing…

I just noticed that How I Started Rising Early is now one of my most-visited posts, and I felt, in the interests of “full disclosure” (or, at least, not desiring to mislead anyone), I wanted to add that I haven’t been consistently “rising early” all the months since I wrote that.

Not even most of them.

When I quit going to bed as I needed to (Important Item #3 on the how-to), I grew too tired to continue rising early, and I went back to my old habits.

I also realize, looking back now, that I went through a mild depression when my youngest weaned.

I don’t think I’ll ever know if it was because I got “off hormones” for the first time in over five years (I’ve been either pregnant or nursing a baby since April of ’02) or if it was my version of SAD with the diminishing light complicating things, but basic-level functioning was a challenge, and even thinking of early rising was merely masochistic; not at all helpful.

I definitely believe there are some seasons better than others for starting this if you’re not naturally inclined this way.

It’s only been in my latest re-ordering of activities and (I suppose) priorities that I’ve begun rising early again.

Again, I have to wonder how much this is related to the light returning after a dark-winter season– but I don’t know how much it can affect things when I’m still not getting much daylight till almost 9 a.m.

In 23 years I can’t remember light leaving being detrimental, but I celebrate its return with great notice. I love how it seems to grow faster than it left– like the sun is just as glad to be back as we are to have it.

But, again, the early rising “thing” being successful is through the provision of our good God.

I woke coherent (despite bedtime) at 5 a.m. for almost a week before I figured it out. I think God was suggesting I start my early mornings again.

So for several days now I’ve considered my early mornings a gift. Sometimes I lie awake enjoying the quiet, but usually I get up and spend an hour or more to myself.

My only must-do is three chapters from the bible, then I can just glaze- over or do whatever. I love the freedom of knowing I’m not “robbing” anyone (including myself) to do “nothing” during these hours.

5 thoughts on “Um, about that early-rising thing…

  1. I love the freedom of knowing I’m not “robbing” anyone (including myself) to do “nothing” during these hours.

    Yes! I am also not a morning person, and I’ve also begun rising early. And I think that that hour and a half each morning might be my only completely “guilt-free” hours of the day. :) It’s so freeing to feel like I can finally catch up on those things that bring me joy without feeling obliged to be doing something more productive.

    Great thoughts, as usual!

  2. I am NOT a morning person and have not been rising early. Which is kinda a problem.

    Make sure you have plenty of praise music surrounding you and a nice little handy devotional in the powder room, behind the, um, stool on the, uh, ummm, tank.

  3. February must really be the tipping point, light-wise, because here it is, a whole year later and the timing is very similar.

    Now I just need to be disciplined enough to sleep when I’m tired….

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