Yeah, behind the curve. Moving on.

This was my first (thorough) introduction to Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight, and I adored it.  And moved on with my life.

Last week I saw the DVD on my library’s shelf and watched it last night for the first time. Then went back and read the summary again. Still love it– the summary, not the story.

A few favorite bits:

  • BELLA: We’re gonna be all right, pet cactus. We’re gonna be all right.
  • The Lunchroom of Destiny
  • EDWARD: I had to… go. Somewhere. For reasons totally unrelated to wanting to kill you.BELLA: Did you get contacts while you were somewhere? Last week your eyes were black, and this week they are golden melted topaz butterscotch.
  • EDWARD: Do you honestly think I’m sorry I saved you from the Death Van? How could you think such a thing? NO YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!
  • CARLISLE: Bella, I’m so sorry… your father’s weird friend was killed by a feral plot point.
  • The Part Where the Plot Shows Up (I’m laugh-coughing here!)
  • EDWARD: So… waiting on Bella. With her dad. Who thinks I’m the reason she ran away from home. Awkward.

What I love about this writer is she says (basically) everything I wanted said (so I don’t have to write it!) and she even let me believe she enjoyed the book (I mean, why else would you re-read a book before you moved on in a series?).

3 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. The 15-minute versions, yes.
    But not the whole big books, and I don’t know yet about the movies.

    I’m glad I watched the movie like I’m glad I watched Star Wars III, but equally sure I won’t be making the effort to experience it again.

  2. Oh, man, that is BRILLIANT! I laughed out loud several times, and I am currently in a public coffee shop.

    “The Hackeysack Apple of I See What You Did There” was one of my favorite bits. Lots of amazingness throughout. Also liked the “Ben is not in this movie” bit with Angela (the movie combined some minor characters from the book). Oh, and fursploded? I am totally going to use that.

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