Three Revealing Blog posts

Yes, these are political.  And, no, I don’t like it that we don’t have another continent to run away to.

i.e., to get away from having to figure out all this junk between people and ideas.

If you’ll only read one, read the big one.  I don’t really have anything to add to what Sallie says.

Now you know where I stand, if you couldn’t guess before.

In my husband’s words, Obama’s America is not a place I want to live.

4 thoughts on “Three Revealing Blog posts

  1. Thanks for the links. On education, it’s appalling to me that the NEA is endorsing Obama so strongly. He was all over the latest issue of their newspaper (saw it at my m-i-l’s house; she’s a teacher). I love it that McCain has been outspoken in support of school vouchers.

  2. Thanks for posting the links. This election has been just emotionally and mentally draining. And it feels like it’s been going on forever.

    My husband and I have both talked about taking our children “somewhere else” if the need ever comes. The problem is there is nowhere else to go, or if there is God hasn’t made it clear to us yet.

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